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Queen Elyssa is the founder of ancient carthage modern Tunisia, in 814 BC.

She made olives and olive oil extraction a part of the local culture.

In examining the historic pieces collected from Carthage we were struck by the similarity in all coins produced in Carthage between 460BC and 100BC: All coins had the head of the queen Ellysa on one side and a horse on the other.

In her honor, we named our olive oil Terra Delyssa, The land of Elyssa and chose the horse, carthage's symbol of fertility and prosperity as our emblem.

Our Heritage

The city or Carthage grew in wealth and became the political focus in an extended network of Punic trading bases throughout the western Mediterranean.

Legends later arose about the foundation of this famous city, whose elegance and power were well known among the ancients.

The potency of the Punic presence largely displaced the Berbers. Carthage became the prevailing culture in the region.

Elyssa and her followers arrived on the coast of North Africa where she asked the local inhabitants for a small bit of land for a temporary refuge until she could continue her journeying, only as much land as could be encompassed by an oxhide.

They agreed.

Elissa cut the oxhideinto fine strips so that she had enough to encircle an entire nearby hill, afterwards named Byrsa"hide".

In digging the foundations a horse’s head was found, indicating a city that would be wealthy and powerful in war.

After this self-sacrifice Elyssawas deified and was worshipped as long as Carthage endured.

200 BC

Amphorae : used to ship olive oil and wine
during the punic era from “Tunisia” to the
northern part of the mediterranean ‘Europe’.

Early 1200’s :

Mosaic of an olive tree.

Dido “Elyssa” the queen of carthage was an inspiration to many dramas and musicals.


850 BC

The king of Tyre made his very beautiful daughter Elyssa and son Pygmalion his joint heirs.

On his death the people took Pygmalion alone as their ruler though Pygmalion was yet still a boy.

Elyssa married Acerbas, her uncle. Acerbaswas believed to have much wealth secretly buried.

King Pygmalion had Acerbas murdered in hopes of gaining this wealth.

Elyssa, desiring to escape Tyre, expressed a wish to move into Pygmalion's palace, but then ordered the attendants whom Pygmalion sent to aid in the move, to throw all Acerbas' bags of gold into the sea as an offering to his spirit. In fact these bags contained only sand.

Elyssa then persuaded the attendants to join her in flight to another land rather than face Pygmalion's anger when he discovered what had supposedly become of Acerbas' wealth.

Elyssa condemned any who would feel that way when they should indeed give their lives for the city if necessary.

Elyssa's envoys then explained that Iarbashad specifically requested Elyssa's wife.

Elyssa was trapped by her words but she preferred to stay faithful to her first husband and after creating a ceremonial funeral pyre and sacrificing many victims to his spirit in pretense that this was a final honoring of her first husband in preparation for marriage to Harbas.

Dido “Elyssa” ascended the pyre, announced that she would go to her husband as they desired, and then slew herself with her sword.

Olive oil mill , believed to date back to early eighth century.


Our Label

1. The Terra Delyssa horse: we chose the horse as our logo for it has been a representation of ancient carthage.

Queen Elyssa is said to have chosen carthage in her escape convoy after the sight of a horse’s head which she interpreted as a sign from the godess tanit.

2. The Terra Delyssa signature: a reflection of the diverse cultural heritage of Cartahge, modern Tunisia.

3. The highest grade of olive oil as classified by the international Olive oil council and USDA.

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin olive oil is first cold pressed under high quality selection norms.

4. We are proud to offer 100 % Tunisian olive oil, 100% traceable and 100% controlled by CHO’s quality team.

Terra Delyssa is one of very few olive oils offered to consumers by actual farmers/producers.

5. Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicate milder flavor that would not overpower any of your food, making it the ideal choice for your everyday cooking, salads, drizzling over steamed vegetables and meats.

6. Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive oil is obtained from the first cold press of freshly hand picked olives.

It has no carbohydrates and no cholesterol.

7. Terra Delyssa Olive oil is produced under the strict rules of kosher products and is certified by Star K.

8. A sample representation of the ancient punic coins from Carthage in 280 Bc.

9. Nutritional table:
Based on a 1 table spoon serving.

10. CHO america is a subsidiary of CHO Group , dedicated towards customer satisfaction. To learn more about CHO-America visit www.CHO-America.com

11. CHO Group is a vertically integrated producer with presence worldwide.
To learn more about CHO-group visit www.cho-group.com

12. Terra Delyssa Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is produced following the USDA NOP Organic program strict rules guaranteeing the safest and highest quality:
. No chemicals have been used as sediments to the trees.
. No pesticides have been sprayed on the olive trees.
. No chemical plants operate in the proximity of Terra Delyssa ‘s olive fields.

CHO’s history goes back to manu generations cultivating olive trees and producing Olive Oil, the traditional way known to the region of Sfax in Tunisia.

CHO, was the first company established in 1996 to mo - dernizethe busniss and has since evolved from a single crushing mill to a fully in - tegrated group of companies.

CHO today, has a storage capacity of 4000 Mt of Olive Oil, ‘TotalGroup storage capacity 8500Mt’. It provides the group with storage and analysis services.

Created in 2007, as the strategy of CHO Group and the Tunisian government geared towards breaking into the international market by presenting Tunisian Olive Oil to the final consumers.

CHO Company packages 24 000 bottles per hour with dedicated lines to Organic and Extra Virgin Olive oils.

CHO America is a customer service oriented subcidiary. With two distribution centers in the north, Montreal Quebec and New Jersey, and one in the south, port of Houston Texas.

CHO America serves retailers across the American continent: Brazil . Mexico . Columbia USA and Canada

Créâtes in 2005, IGhuile is an olive pomace oil extraction facility.

Igehuile operates two ex - traction units ‘continous and discontinuous’.

IGEhuile performs drying fresh olive pomace with a capacity of 1100 tons of pomace per day.

Olivolio is a pomace oil heat extraction facility and refinery.

Olivolio is one of very few refineries inthe world to be certified NOP Organic, performing bleaching and deodorizing in a fully controled organic process.

Pomace oil extraction at olivolio is done without the use of chemicals , using a heat/ mecanical 2nd press with a capacity of 250 Tons / Day.

Distribution and service for agricultural equipment and olive oil mills.

Production of soap and Olive Oil cosmetics.

Savonerie de Carthage is home for the D'elyssa soaps and cosmetics.